Who loves you the most In the akatsuki?

Who Likes YOU the most from the akatsuki? itach sasori deidara Tobi and if you have REALLY bad luck, Kisame. whats your future love life filled with??

who likes you in the akatsuki. i know itachi loves me!!does sasori love you? or maybe kisame (BLECK) perhaps deidara, and if you luck enough, Tobi! any one you get will be great!

Created by: Konon
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Jiraiya tryes to attack you and you: (for best results think like who you want xD)
  2. Imagine your who you like the most (remember this quiz is for girls):If a female ninja (who you may or may not know 0_0) kisses you , you would say/do:
  3. Your given a funny situation that your partner finds serious, you..:
  4. who do you like the most:
  5. fav color 0_0 ?
  6. fav word?
  7. fav Sign?
  8. "OFF WITH YOUR HEAD,OFF WITH YOUR HEAD,OFF-WITH-YOUR-HEAD!" if someone said this to you you'd..
  9. well..
  10. watch out.. this is the hardest. the question is: ... and remember theres only 1 right answer xD good luck and remember, a good ninja needs FLARE

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