What Do the Akatsuki Think About You?

This is my first try at a funny quiz I hope you enjoy and are nice to the bad guys. Answer your honest opinion at every turn and you will get an honest answer from the Akatsuki.

So go forth and do the quiz. You will either be kicked out of Akatsuki or forced into it. So make sure everything is A okay and things will go smoothly.

Created by: Daisuke
  1. Okay we have special Guests here to ask the questions to this quiz... First up is Pein! Pein: Okay, If I came and asked you to join my Organization what would you do?
  2. Next Person is Konan! Konan: Hi, okay, once you joined Akatsuki, you have a choice to make. Would you want to be a team or a Solo.
  3. Well that was weird, next is Deidara. Deidara: Unn, do you like art?
  4. Okay, now before Deidara blows up the set next person please. Sasori: I don't like to keep people waiting so what is your favorite Lyric?
  5. Okay next is Tobi! Tobi: YAY, oh nooo Tobi forgot his question.
  6. Okay next up is Hidan. Hidan: Bleep, Join Jashin, Bleep, bleep, bleep, bleep, bleep.
  7. Now for Kakuzu before Hidan kills us. Kakuzu: To hear my question fork over $10 and be quick about it.
  8. Umm okay now that I'm broke moving on to Zetsu. Zetsu: Will you feed me puppies?
  9. Okay for no apparent reason here is an old member. Orochimaru: Have you seen Sasuke?
  10. Umm okay. Suigetsu: Come on lord Orochimaru, Sasuke isn't here. He's outside.
  11. ... Umm next is Karin. Karin: Suigetsu, you stupid idiot don't go telling people where my Sasuke is.
  12. ... This is strange even for me. Anyway next is Jugo. Jugo: ...
  13. Now if we can get back to business next is Sasuke. Sasuke: I have no idea why I am here, I was almost raped outside the door by a psycho snake perv. Anyway question was... What was it again?
  14. Anyways moving on, Kisame. Kisame: Fish are friends not food!
  15. Anyways last but not least, is Itachi Uchiha. Itachi: ... Sasuke: You Itachi: hmmm foolish little brother Sasuke: Shut up Me: Both of you shut up Sasuke & Itachi: Its our fight Me: Its my Quiz, and you two need Councilor's, Madara!!!

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