Akatsuki standings

akatsuki standing find out what you would be in the world of naruto the world of naruto is a touch world but it is not impossible to survive so if you take this quiz you will find out how u would stand

basically my quiz is to see if you can use your smarts and my humor to make it in the wonderful world of naruto and it will be exciting to find out so enjoy

Created by: adam of imvu
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  1. You are captured and have only one way to escape. but that way is flooded with guards and orochimaru is at the end of this path. do you take it?
  2. you see your team in an open spot in the forest. you run up to them and they seem to be acting different
  3. you are sitting in front of 10 plates of ramen
  4. you pass a house and the window is open a crack. you look in to see sakura undressing.
  5. you walk up to an old man and he says if you could choose between infinate life or turn into a monkey
  6. sasori and deidara get in a fight. and you walk in to them ready to attack eachother
  7. you wake up one day and you are missing your left arm
  8. you are alone in the cave and are trapped for 24hrs.
  9. naruto is dead at your feet
  10. duh

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