How much do you know about Akatsuki?

There are a lot of people out there who claim they love the organization, Akatsuki. Some of those people believe that they know almost everything about them. There are several people that do.

Are YOU one of those people. Do you think you know everything about Akatsuki? Until I created this, you could only ponder about how much you knew. But, now, thanks to my quiz, in the short time it takes you to take the quiz, you will find out!!

Created by: Codie
  1. What color does Akatsuki paint their nails?
  2. How many Akatsuki members are there?
  3. Who is the REAL leader of Akatsuki?
  4. What is Zetsu now fused with because of an experiment?
  5. What is Sasori's special ability?
  6. Who is Zetsu's partner?
  7. Who betrayed the Sand village for Akatsuki?
  8. Who is the one that kidnapped Gaara?
  9. What village is Kisame from?
  10. Who is the only member to refer to the leader of Akatsuki by his real name?
  11. What is the name of Kisame's sword?
  12. What is so remarkable about Kisame's sword?
  13. Who taught Konan basic techniques of being a ninja?
  14. What is Hidan most known for?
  15. What does Hidan use his opponent's blood for?
  16. Why does Deidara admire Sasori?
  17. What and who does Sasori make something for?
  18. What is happening to Itachi?
  19. What is itachi's main source of battle technique?
  20. What is special about Kisame?
  21. What is Konan's special ability?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Akatsuki?