Which Akatsuki character are you?

So this is a quiz to test which Akatsuki character you are from the Naruto manga series. For those that are not decently caught up with the manga. There might be spoilers.

I hope you enjoy and I can't believe I wasted my time to study for finals creating a twelve question quiz. I must not care anymore. Oh well. Have fun while you life lasts.

Created by: Wait what?

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  1. At a nice cream store you...
  2. What do you normally wear.
  3. How well do you work with a partner?
  4. I want to...
  5. Ok then...
  6. How was your day?
  7. When do you sleep?
  8. Are you gay?
  9. Two more questions!
  10. You're done, are you happy?

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Quiz topic: Which Akatsuki character am I?