Akatsuki and Akatsuki Member Information

The "Akatsuki and Akastuki member information" qiuz is about the Akatsuki! If you like the Akatsuki and want to test how much you know them take this qiuz!

Let's see how much you know Akatsuki! If you like Akatsuki a lot and want to know how much you know them please take our "Akatsuki and Akatsuki memeber information" qiuz!

Created by: Rebin
  1. What does the Akatsuki mean?
  2. If you chose Jinchuuriki hunters in the first question, say the word that means Jinchuuriki and the one for hunter!
  3. If you chose Red Moon in question 1, what are the words that mean Red and Moon?
  4. Who is the leader imposter of Akatsuki?
  5. Who is the true leader of Akatsuki?
  6. Who is the true leader of Akatsuki?
  7. Who acts secretly for a different evil in the Akatsuki?
  8. What is peins special ability in these optinos?
  9. Who is pain's partner
  10. How many bodies does Pain have?
  11. Who left Akatsuki for the first time?
  12. How many hearts does Kakuzu have?
  13. Who can Hidan also be?
  14. Is Hidan immortal?
  15. Who is the Akatsuki who is good but acts evil in front of Akatsuki?
  16. What is Itachi's special thing?
  17. Itachi's is.........
  18. What is Kisame's weapon
  19. Is Kisame human?
  20. What is Kisame's chakra?
  21. What clan was Kisame in?
  22. What village does Kisame come from?
  23. What team was Kisame in before he joined Akatsuki?
  24. Zetsu is...............
  25. What is Zetsu's ring?
  26. What is Zetsu's job for Akatsuki?
  27. What is Hidan's ring?
  28. What is hidan's weapon?
  29. Is Hidan a god?
  30. What Bijuu was captured by Hidan?
  31. When does Hidan become much stronger?
  32. What is Konan's special ability?
  33. What is Deidara's Chakra
  34. How many mouths does Deidara have?
  35. How many memebrs are Akatsuki?

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