Who Is Your Percy Jackson Boyfriend?

The Percy Jackson books were/are amazing! If you were part of the story,who would you date? Percy? Jason? Leo? Frank? You will probably never know,unless you take this quiz.

Which of The Seven is your perfect match? Which guy will fall for you? How much do you have in common? Take this quiz to find out your demigod soulmate!

Created by: @leo.the.demigod
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Water,Sky,Animals,or Fire?
  2. What is your favorite animal?
  3. What is your favorite color?
  4. Ideal fist date?
  5. Favorite god?
  6. He just had a terrible day! What do you do?
  7. What's your favorite place to chill?
  8. What traits does he need?
  9. Favorite kind of joke?
  10. Greek or Roman?

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Quiz topic: Who Is my Percy Jackson Boyfriend?