Your Boyfriend in Books

Wanna who your boyfriend would be from the books Percy Jackson, Maximum Ride, Abandon, the Hunger Games, or Gallagher Girls? Click here if you want to find out, you won't be disappointed.

Is your fictional BF Percy Jackson, Fang, John Hayden, Gale, or Zachary Good? Thanks to this awesome quiz, you can figure it out! So what are you waiting for, take it now!

Created by: Pierce
  1. Eye color you have?
  2. Eye color you want your guy to have.
  3. Hair color you have?
  4. Hair Color You Want Your Guy To Have
  5. Your favorite activity is:
  6. Your least favorite activity/ thing
  7. Favorite color
  8. Idea of a perfect date:
  9. Favorite feature
  10. Your favorite book series is
  11. You would be described as
  12. You see someone drop twenty bucks. You:

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Quiz topic: My Boyfriend in Books