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  • Who is your Olympian Parent?
    Your Result: Zeus 85%

    Your father is most likely to be Zeus. Zeus is the lord of the sky and the ruler of all the other Olympians. If you are a son/daughter of Zeus, you are likely to have an electric personality and maybe a bit of a rebellious streak. You are a good leader, as well as kind and caring. You can also be prideful, stubborn, and assertive, so be careful so that you don't get into any trouble. You are very brave and have many Demigod powers, which include the ability to control the weather, lightening, and all creatures of the sky. Notable children of Zeus include Thalia Grace, Jason Grace, and Hercules.

    59% Poseidon
    58% Ares
    57% Hermes
    55% Athena
    50% Hephaestus
    42% Hades
    39% Apollo
    24% Aphrodite

  • Who is your Olympian Parent?
    Your Result: Apollo

    Your father is likely Apollo, god of the son, prophecy, healing, plaugue, music, song, archery, poetry, truth, and oracles. You are likely to be skilled at archery and enjoy creating poetry and stories. You might play a musical instrument and enjoy writing. You may have the ability to see into the future at times and although you are fun-loving, you are wise. A notable child of Apollo is William Shakespeare.

    Yep , this sounds like me :) cool quiz. I was close to getting Hermes. I probably wouldn't have minded that because my family travels at least 4 times a year. And I'm good at stealing things (not like robbery or anything. Just like a pencil from a friend.) and they don't seem to notice until a minute before the be rings and I put it back on their desk XD

  • Your Result: Poseidon 79%

    Your dad is king of the waters and creator of horses. You are most comfortable in the water at a beautiful beach or at a swimming pool. You have a talent for swimming and can probably hold your breath for a very long time. Children of Poseidon also tend to have a soft spot for horses and may be so-called "horse-whisperers".

    52% Child of Zeus
    37% Child of Hermes
    32% Child of Ares
    26% Child of Apollo
    22% Child of Hades
    17% Child of Hephaestus
    14% Child of Athena
    9% Child of Demeter
    8% Child of Aphrodite

  • Hades, well I do like the emo and goth culture alot. It would be cool being able to control or rise the dead and I really am a introvert so I'm kinda used to people not being by me much which is fine with me honestly. Cool quiz mate.

  • My Olympian parent is Poseidon. I like beaches and good girls.

  • I got Hades...
    Or Hermes? It had the same percentage, idk.

  • Hades

  • but mine is more accurate if i was artimis

  • THIS IS SO TRUE! O.O i got hermes


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