Who is ur tru luv

Are you wondering who ur really cruising on???? It could be anyone and the one you truly love sees your struggle. If only u knew who to love then Mabye u could be happy.

BREAKING NEWS YOU CAN FINALLY KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!! Take this quiz and find out who u truly love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Created by: Jadeg13

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  1. (Before we start write down two people to be your one and two)You are wanting some fun time. Who do u prefer?
  2. Your upset who do u talk to?
  3. Who's there for u
  4. Who do u think of most often
  5. Hi
  6. Are u currently in love?
  7. This is my first quiz do rate
  8. Who are u likely to be found with
  9. So um randomness mess ya
  10. If ur KRISTina or ariella I say hi

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