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There are thousans of smart people in the world but are you the master of this here quiz about the autobot commanders? Solve this quiz and you might win the title of quiz master?

Are YOU the smartest one around here? Can You solve this quiz and win the title of quiz and horse master. I hope yoy solve this quiz better than me. Good Luck!

Created by: Mercedez of horseland.com
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  1. Who lives with Mighty Mel on her ranch?
  2. Which transformer sang the song "Love You"?
  3. Who is Optimus Prime's daughter in the first and second movie?
  4. Which transformer loves Mel the most in his life?
  5. Who was Mel's riding in the first and second movie?
  6. Which transformers horse did Mel ride to save Storm?
  7. Which vet saved Optimus Prime's life?
  8. Who saved Mel from a black cobra?
  9. Which Transformers is Mel's singing partner?
  10. Who did Mel date with in the first and second movie?
  11. Which song did Optimus Prime sang to Mel at the horse show?
  12. How old is Mighty Mel?

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