Your Tfp guardian (with a little story for each)

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*disclaimer 1. I do not own tfp 2. this is my first quiz so plz be gracious* So you woke up in a huge base after blacking-out when a couple of purple robots tried to grab you for finding their mine. At first, all you do is scream in terror when an orange and white male robot walks in along with a light blue, black, and white female robot.

Me: *covering ears* Miss, calm down. Ratchet: *covering audio receptors*, please. *you stop screaming when the I ran up to you and covered your mouth with my digit* Me: My name is Luna this is Ratchet we are the Autobot medics, and no one here means you any harm. *Optimus walks in* Me: Hello, Optimus. Optimus: Greetings, Luna and Ratchet. I see the young human has reawakened. We must find her a guardian.

Created by: Luna the Autobot
  1. Me: Hi, my name is Luna I am a member of the Autobots. I will be helping you find a companion are you ready to begin your quest?
  2. Me: Optimus do you want to ask the first question? Optimus: Yes, Miss (y,n) what is your most valuable trait?
  3. Me: Ok, Ultra Magnus your turn. Ultra Magnus: Fine, are you respectful to your superiors.
  4. Me: Ratchet it is your turn. Ratchet: *grumbling about not wanting to do this and being busy* if you saw someone you loved getting bullied what would you do.
  5. Me: Hey, Jackie do you want to ask a question. Jackie: Sure, Sunshine. What is your weapon of choice?
  6. Me: Strait to the punch-line aren't you Jackie. *everyone in the base groans* hehe, anyway Arcee it's your turn. Arcee: do you understand this reference. "beat the devil out of it"
  7. Me: Bee it's your turn *blushing madly* Bee: beep boop beep bop (what do you think about the Autobots) are you ok Luna Me: *still blushing* y-yeah hehe
  8. Me: you gonna ask a question Bulk! Bulkhead: yea, what is your favorite type of music?
  9. Me: last but not least, Smokescreen. Smokie: favorite emojicon
  10. Me: Okay that should be enough to determine a guardian, but did you like this quiz

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Quiz topic: My Tfp guardian (with a little story for each)

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