Who is my type of guy?

There are so many different types of guys, and of course, if you have your eye on someone, dont let this quiz decide wether or not you go for him but, it should help. I wrote this to help me come to my senses about a guy I liked. Now I think I know what to do, it helps soooo, give it a try.

Find YOUR right guy, do the quiz. I think that if you are getting old, and need a guy to help around, do whats best, you dont WANT, you NEED. [old as in 15 maybe, if you dont have a guy by then, GET ONE!] This quiz will help you find a guy who wont laugh in your face when you ask. If your answer fits the guy you like, [if there is someone you DO like] ask him ASAP.

Created by: Molly
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What is the most important feature in a guy?
  2. What's the most important face feature in a guy?
  3. What would you like your crush to do?
  4. Where would you go on a date.
  5. How do you want your friends to be when you get your boyfriend?
  6. Whats type of kiss would you want with your boyfriend?
  7. Whats the best moment you want with your guy?
  8. What DONT you want your crush to do before your with him.
  9. pick a personality you DONT want him to have. In this situation, he does have it so is NOT your guy!
  10. pick a role model for your guy.

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