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  • Caring, romantic but perfect for you.

    He might try a little to hard for you sometimes but always play along! He will do anything for you, hugs and dates. Plus he should be the one to make the first move. So stop crushing, and wait for this guy!

    - I love it! This is actually what I am looking for in a guy. I just, havn't met him yet.. :(

  • Who is my type of guy?
    Your Result: Funny, cute and all about you

    You are likely to get a guy that will always care about you and will protect you. He will be nice to your friends and do what he can to please you, Basically, you click and he will jump!

    Popular and slightly full of himself.
    caring, romantic but perfect for you.
    Smart and sweet.

    awesome , i like wat i got. this quiz is 1 of the best to me.

    x aka mrlq x
  • Smart and sweet wow this quiz knows meh already

  • funny and cute! Just funny for me please! I dont care about the cuteness! I fact, Cuteness makes me SICK!!

  • wow i JUST found a guy exactly like this describes lol the romantic perfect for you one. weird.

  • Sadly the guy I love doesn't like me:(

    Lil hihi
  • funny, cute all about me

    5/5 good quiz but some qustions were a bit hard to answer 2 a while.

  • i got funny,cute,and all about you!nice quiz.

  • funny cute rofl :P YAY BETCH


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