Who Is My True Love?

there r a lot of peeple out there, and u can no witch one is right for u! from an ooogalyboogla to a swichyswachyloo. You will just take this fun quiz to find out!

R U AN ALTER EGO? no... DO U LIKE CUTE BUTTS?! yah... WHO'S UR MOMMA?!? what?!...good! you qualify fer this test! keep on dreamin bout that one special boy!

Created by: Lint
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. i forgot that u could ether be a boy or a grl, so, choose 1 of these.
  2. what's ur perfect 1st date?
  3. if ur sad, he wood...
  4. if u dumped him he wood...
  5. u say that u love him. finally. he says....
  6. u r moving!!!!! when u tell him, he...
  7. pick one to describe him.
  8. what's ur favorite color?
  9. how long would it take for u to say "I luv you'?
  10. i don't no. pic ur fave word!

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