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  • I was in a relationshp of which i know that it will profit nothing,infact i dnt av time 4 my self,can read my book,always quarelling,sumtyms hatred between each oda,we were nt flowing fine,so i dcided 2 cut off d relationship 4 a gud one,indeed d guy is gud,teachable,respo nsible,lovable,nd presentable,just can't name it,he's just too much.but now my ex-boyfrd is threating me to leave my present guy.what shud i do?

  • I was inlove with this other bad guy and not just bad but abusive and i saw that i don't deserve him so i break up with him and now i got my mr right in fact my futer fiance...how great is that, im so so happy

    lee lee
  • I got the bad boy type....hmmm...well I can be a bit of a jerk sometimes, just like them, but bad boys are usually morons. I expect my true love to be smart.


  • Your Result: awesome and popular

    he will sweep you off ur feet cuz u r the rite 1 4 him! u can totally count on him! even though other grls stare, they stare out of envy of u. u can handle when he talks to other grls, cause he nose u r the rite 1 4 him!

  • its good 2 fall in love with 1 of ur close friends as he wood knw you better...........i hope i get my true love soon....i want my lover to b caring,true n honest..n mreovr,he must b presentable atleast.......

  • a close friend...

    but i don't have a friend (well not a close friend] who's a boy

  • Your Result: total bad boy

    wow! look at those guns of his! he is a total JOCK! nothing can keep you 2 apart! even other girls. he may want 2 go aftr them, but either ur looks, ur not-caringness, or, that bad grl personality of ur own will draw him back 2 u in a hartbeat!

    wowowow i want one nowwwwwwwwww ww!!!!!!!!!! !!!

    Rachel x

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