True Love or Summer Fling?

Flings are very common, but True Love is rare. You may think now that True Love is in the air, but is it really? Its possible that something is about to go very wrong, so by taking the test, you could possibly intercept that problem and turn it around!!!

When you take this test, and become just a fling, you could try to change that!!! True Love is always changeable, so remember that. So, is it True Love? Or just a Fling?

Created by: Hannah Dickinson
  1. Have you had your first kiss with he/she yet?
  2. For a first date, you:
  3. Its your beau's birthday! You get him/her:
  4. You want to tell your bf/gf that you love them. You need a special setting, so you go:
  5. Its your two month anniversary! You get him/her:
  6. If you could describe your beau in one word it would be:
  7. There's a dance at the camp that you and your bf/gf are at! You want to go, but don't know how to dance! You:
  8. You go to Ocean City with your beau. He/she wants to go into a scary ride, but you don't. You:
  9. Your best friend asks you to go with him to go camping> You say yes, but then your bf/gf invited you to go to 6 Flags. You:
  10. The camp hottie has been flirting with you, but you're dating someone else! You:

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