Who Is Better❓ Blake Or Cameron

Everyday I Fight With With My Brother Cameron, And We Thought Who Was Better? Obs He Said Himself abut I Said Blake (Me) So We Wanted A Answer 🌟🌟🌟🐱🐱🐯🐯💤💤☁️☁️

Do YOU Disagree With Cameron Or Me? Do You Think That I'm Better Than Him? Vote On Each Question To See Who's Better! Bring It On Bro 🌟🌟🐱🐱🐼🐼🌀🌀☁️☁️🐯🐯🐶🐶

Created by: Blake

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  1. Are You Kind?
  2. What Colour Hair?
  3. Dog Or Cat?
  4. What Is Your Name?
  5. What Animal?
  6. What Eye Colour 👀
  7. 💤 Do You Like Sleep 💤
  8. Are You Outgoing Or Shy?
  9. Do You Like YOLO Or LOL?
  10. "¼ï¸This Question Is Final And Doesn't Count On Result"¼ï¸ What Emoji Is Ur Fav?

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