Who are you REALLY inside?

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Well, this is completely situational. You just say how you would react in the given situations. I'm sorry if your results aren't completely true, but I tried my best.

I made this on an impulse. I truly did. Though I'm just a freshman in high school, I plan to go into psychology in college. Tell me if you think I did any good on this and if I'm suited to understanding how people think!

Created by: Re-chan
  1. You're hiking or camping or whatever in the woods, and you come across a large mountain lion, not 10 feet away. What do you do?
  2. You're in a full movie theater watching a horror movie and a monster pops out, scaring you. What do you do (BE HONEST!!!)?
  3. Okay, I know it's over-used, but it's the zombie apocalypse. You're at school. What's the FIRST thing you do?
  4. What do you do first when you get home? (This is for students. If you're a a working adult, skip this and go on to the next one)
  5. What do you do first when you get home? (This is for working adults. If you're a student, skip this and go on to the next one)
  6. You're somewhere in public and you see someone looking at you and blushing. What to do...?
  7. You're on the computer and it suddenly freezes up. What do ya do?
  8. You're deserted on an island. What's the first priority?
  9. Okay, you go to a library to turn in some books, get new ones, and do homework on the computer. Which order?
  10. Did you enjoy this quiz? (This actually WILL count, but not on weather or not you actually liked it.)

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Quiz topic: Who am I REALLY inside?