How well do you know Despicable Me 2?

Many people have watched the movie Despicable Me 2, but only few- I mean very few- people know it well enough to say they know it completely.

Have you ever wondered if YOU know Despicable Me 2 completely? Then take this quiz! It has 20 questions that will test your knowledge and memory on things from characters, quotes, names, plots, and every other thing good Despicable Me 2 knowledge quizzes should have. See you at the end!

Created by: Gru

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  1. This quiz is gonna test your Despicable Me 2 knowledge and memory. The questions will come in random orders of difficulty levels, so if an easy question comes, don't get false confidence.
  2. Fill in the blank. Gru: Hey, Donny, hang in there buddy! It's almost ______!
  3. What is the first word Lucy Wilde says in the movie?
  4. What is El Macho's real name?
  5. After the two minions make fun of the bottom in Silas Ramsbottom's name, what does Ramsbottom say?
  6. What color eyes does Gru have?
  7. Which describes how Antonio looks?
  8. When an ice cream truck came, one minion ran away from the ice cream cone vacuum. What did he lick that got him there anyways?
  9. What makes Gru a boy?
  10. Which does Lucy have?
  11. Who was Margo texting?
  12. Which of these do Lucy and Gru both have?
  13. What did Gru call Silas Ramsbottom?
  14. After Kevin got back to a normal minion, what did he say?
  15. Who owned the store Stuff-a-bear?
  16. Who is "no one"?
  17. Fill in the blanks. Gru: ______, the ______ ______!"
  18. Last question! Let's end with an easy one. What is the name for the purple serum that El Macho used to turn Gru's minions into purple creatures?

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