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  • I love all of SE hinton's books, she is an amazing writer. and I got Johnny YAY, my favorite :)

  • Johnny Cade. I read The Outsiders a while back and watched the movie. I like it! My favorite character is Johnny. Good quiz :)

  • I was shooting for johnny! I love Johnny but I got ponyboy instead and that's fine with me because we have a lot in common. Love your quiz and I too love the outsiders I'm trying to get the movie but I can't seem to collect 5 dollars to buy it at walmart lol!! I also want to get tht was then this is now!

  • I luv The Outsiders.I read the book twice and watched the movie like five times.I love Ponyboy.He's so cute but Dally is my man ;) If you haven't already,read Rumblefish and That was then,This is now by SE.Hinton too.They are great!:D


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