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Well well well it seems my eye catching and rather awkward title has caught your attention. DON'T click out. This will not be a another stupid random quiz (well at least not a stupid one). This is PART 2 of my What If © Collection. If you have no idea what a "what if" quiz is then this is the perfect place to start. A What If© quiz is one that allows you to think outside the normal range of thinking. These questions question the world for what it is and can be. If you could please think back to when you were littler (or now depending on your age) when "what if" questions were always coming from you. The questions that made no sense whatsoever and had the adults groaning around you. Yes this is that quiz...

So for all of you who ignored my last paragraph and decided to just skip down a bit. You will be disappointed. Why? Because what if you just missed out on the greatest bit of psychology of this century. What if you logged out of this quiz right now to take a "What dragon are you?" or "What kind of toothbrush is best for your sensitive canines?" and never knew that the perfect quiz was just one scroll away? Well I know I'd be hugely disappointed in myself. So just carry on and try to experience this quiz without knowing the epicness of my last ,albeit long, paragraph...

Created by: Jack Attack 1995

  1. Now for all of you who skipped BOTH paragraphs... for shame. For those that skipped ONE... less shame but still. And for my lovely peers that actually survived reading my introduction... congratulations. Now we shall carry on with the questioning...
  2. !) What if you were eating breakfast and a small gnome popped out of your cereal box?
  3. @) So what if your teacher decided today was the day to explain the 44 things you could do with a coconut?
  4. #) What if a coconut hit the teacher in the head and then the gnome popped out from behind your chair to escort you home?
  5. $) What if a shark ate your computer? Right now?
  6. %) What if the % symbol looks like this------------------------?
  7. ^_0) What if that little face (yes that one) started talking to you?
  8. *looks at question* *looks at tom* dude im not asking that one... no no im not. NOOOO
  9. &) What if this quiz was coming to an end?
  10. *) Yeah so what if this happened to be the last question?
  11. =)) Well what if its not?

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