Which women's footballer are you?

Are you female? Do you play football/soccer? Want to find out which women's star you're most like? Who you resemble, both on and off the pitch? Where are your strengths and weaknesess?

Are you the next star? Do you have the same qualities as your favorite player? Find out and take this accurate women's soccer quiz and find out now...what are you waiting for!

Created by: emma
  1. What is your preferred position?
  2. You are playing in an important match and your manager/coch asks you to be captain. How do you take the news?
  3. The most succsessful women's team asks you to play for them and leave your team, what do you do?
  4. You score the deciding goal in a cup final, how do you celebrate?
  5. What would you say was your best skill on the pitch?
  6. Which of these statements would your teamates most likley say about you?
  7. Which of these jersey numbers would you prefer?
  8. You score an own goal...how do you feel?
  9. Are you good in the air?
  10. What do you do before a game to focus?

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Quiz topic: Which women's footballer am I?