Which website are you?

This quiz, if you haven't guessed yet, is about which website you are. (Suprise, suprise) It will test your knowledge on randomness, colors, logic, animals, Bill Oddie, American cuisine and everything you know! Nah, not really!

Take this quiz one and all! Find out which website you are! Will you be: Wikipedia, YouTue, Ask.com, Confused.com or Google? Or baby blue rabbits... I am Bambi, you are a person, this is GoToQuiz.com and I really can't be bothered to write anymore!

Created by: Bambi of Forbidden Goth
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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What's your favorite site?
  2. What type of things do you search?
  3. How would people describe you?
  4. Pick a food:
  5. Are you smart?
  6. Pick a vegatable:
  7. Complete the sentence: "I want to live..."
  8. What do you hate the most?
  9. Answer this question: Using this logic if 5 + 5 = 11 and 6 + 6 = 13 and 7 + 7 = 15 what does 8 + 8 =?
  10. What do you think you will get?

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Quiz topic: Which website am I?