A New Spirit of Change Chapter 14 Quiz

THE HISTORY TEST IS ALMOST HERE!! In this quiz you will be quized on ideas, why people immigrated to the United States and specific people. If you need more help after this go to my website and read the summaries and captions under the pictures. Also try going to the links I have on my website and reading more about certain topics.

In a few seconds you will take the quiz. I hope it helps! Don't forget that you need to know specific people and what they did. Remember if you still don't know the material after the quiz go back to my website! GOOD LUCK!!

Created by: Kelsey
  1. Who is Sojourner Truth?
  2. Who was Henry D. Thoreau?
  3. What was the Temperance Movement?
  4. Which people came to the United States?
  5. Who wrote the Last of the Mohicans?
  6. What does romanticism stress?
  7. Who were the leaders of the Temperance Movement?
  8. Why did the Irish come to America?
  9. What did Noah Webster create?
  10. Who were the Abolitionists?

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