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This quiz is based our website about Child Labor. We worked hard on it and hope that it would teach many people many new things. This quiz is very easy depending on how carefully you have read our website.

If you have carefully read our website, and wish to take this quiz to find out how much you learned and remembered, in just a few minutes you will find out!

Created by: Smarties and Dum Dums
  1. About how many young workers work in Mongolia?
  2. What percent of child labors work in Africa?
  3. Which one of these programs does NOT help child laborers?
  4. What are the dates that child labor first took place in?
  5. In which places does Child Labor NOT occur
  6. Which Organization is letting 30,000 children go to school for their first time?
  7. What percent of children live in rural places?
  8. Mongolia mainly occurs in?
  9. What is the youngest age of the 84 children kidnapped in China to work on Christmas lights?
  10. They would work up till _____ hours of work a day, cutting brushes, planting seeds, or plowing dirt.

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