Monster's Useless Trivia

There are so many tests out there testing your intelligence and how much you have learned. Why not test what useless information you have learned? How much useless information have you learned from tv, computers and radio?

Ever wonder where those odd tidbits of information come from when talking to people at parties and social events? Here's the test that will show how much useless information you really know!

Created by: Nicole of LH Store
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  1. The founder of the Pussycat Dolls is sister to what famous hair stylist?
  2. Who wrote Sinead O'Connors hit 1990 single, "Nothing Compares to You"?
  3. Who sang back up on Carly Simon's "You're So Vain"?
  4. Who is the only female credited with back up vocals on Pink Floyd's, The Wall?
  5. What is Sting's real name?
  6. What 80's singer sang the theme song to PeeWee's Playhouse?
  7. What lead singers dad had a small appearance in the first Lethal Weapon?
  8. What drummer is spotted playing drums in the Queens of the Stoneage video, No One Knows?
  9. What movie has David Bowie not acted in?
  10. Shannon Hoon made an appearance in Guns n'Roses video Don't Cry. What band did he belong to?

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