Which w101 secondary school should you choose?

So, you took my first quiz, and now it's time for a second! This will decide which secondary magic you should delve into! Choose from the schools of sun, moon, star, and shadow!

This will decide what school you should learn after mastering your primary one, fire, ice, storm, balance, life, myth, or death.(Note: You can only engage in a secondary school in Celstia and afterward.)

Created by: JCS

  1. What is your favorite time of day?
  2. What is your favorite type of animal?
  3. What's your favorite colour?
  4. In your opinion, what is the most powerful event?
  5. Which is your favorite natural phenomena?
  6. Which place would you rather move to?
  7. What do you like to do in your spare time?
  8. What's your favorite gemstone or metal?
  9. What is your favorite type of tree?
  10. Did you like this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Which w101 secondary school should I choose?