How attractive are you? (secondary School Boys)

Ever wanted to know if you were attractive to girls in secondary school (england)? Well if you take this test you can! Maybe your Average but the whole of your school apart from you is Above Average?!?!

Are you attractive? Are you Average? Are you Ugly? Are you unpopular? Are you a loner? Come on in and find out through this test!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Created by: Idiot56
  1. Are you popular?
  2. What sport do you play? (If you do)
  3. Do you have acne?
  4. Where was your first kiss? (if you've had one)
  5. Do you have a birth mark and where is it if you have one?
  6. Whats your hair colour?
  7. Whats your hair style?
  8. Do you smell good?
  9. Do you have warts or other marks on your skin?
  10. Are you fit?

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Quiz topic: How attractive am I? (secondary School Boys)