What Kind Of Girl Are You?

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In high school (or secondary school as its called in England where im from) there are so many sterotypes and different groups of people, from the populars to the geeks to the quiet ones.

Which one are you? You think your original but I can guarantee you fall into a category, take this test and you can find out what kind of girl you are!

Created by: scarlett

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Choose one word to describe yourself
  2. Which of these sounds more like you?
  3. Pick an outfit you'd rather wear?
  4. what are you likely to be doing the majority of your spare time?
  5. do you drink or smoke or have underage sex?
  6. What sterotype would you put yourself in?
  7. Favourite hair colour?
  8. Pick a name?
  9. One more word to describe yourself?
  10. Last question...describe your friendship group?

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Quiz topic: What Kind Of Girl am I?