Which DD Character Are You?

There are many people in the world, and so many sterotypes. What defines a sterotype? Does it apply to you? And why do we, as a society, accept sterotypes? You may find your answer here. Come inside and take a look around. *Disclaimer: The results may or may not meet your expectations.*

So, who would you be? What sterotype? What character? If this was your life, how would you live it? Why would you pick one thing over another? Choose your answers wisely, for this may alter your life... ~C

Created by: Alice Olendof
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. The hated question... What is your favorite color? ("Blue! No, yell--")
  2. What do you like to do? (Hobbies, etc.)
  3. Ready for some RP scenerios?
  4. Let's say your love interest asked you out on a date. The location: Olde Town Market Square. Knowing the location's history, do you still go?
  5. Your favorite TV show is on during a summer storm when the power goes out. What do you do?
  6. You go to a school dance. Since you're the first one there, you get to pick the music. Too bad for everyone else, because you pick...
  7. Your BFFs are throwing a party for you. While they want to do decorations, you can pick the food, drink, and dessert.
  8. If you could have anything you wanted, what would it be?
  9. You have just recieved an angry letter in the mail. What's your reaction?
  10. If you could be any animal for a day, what would it be and why?
  11. Last one. What's your current mood?

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Quiz topic: Which DD Character am I?