Which adventurer girl is right for you?

There are several lovely girls in our adventuring party, but if you could meet them on the street, which would be the best match for you? Could it be Rylian, Thalia, Krysaine, Isis, Risa, or Morgandy?

Take this quiz to determine which imaginary character is closest to your ideal life partner. Pathetic, I know, but kinda nifty. They've taken on such a life of their own that we might as well hook them up with potential boyfriends. For even more fun, take the quiz in your own character and find out which in-game relationship you should pursue!

Created by: Alex
  1. You have just made eye contact with the love of your life. Where are the two of you standing?
  2. What aspect of your ideal partner do you find most attractive?
  3. You're always impressed by your partner's special talent. What is it?
  4. You and your partner are dating. When and how do you have your first kiss?
  5. When you and your partner get intoxicated together, what is your substance of choice?
  6. You and your partner decide to take a vacation together. Where do you go and why?
  7. You and your partner move in together and decide to get a pet. What do you pick?
  8. You and your partner realize that you both have the same favorite movie. What is it?
  9. As much as you love her, your partner has one important quirk or flaw that can be hard to deal with. What is it?
  10. What is your partner's greatest passion?

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