Which mean girl are you?

Some people are adored some people are ignored but which one are you, are you mean and keen? or are you twice as nice found out which Mean Girl you are, you might be surprised !!

Are you as mean as you think? Are you capable of beating the best? Are you the most popular person to grace the planet? or were you just born to be F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S find out and see which mean girl you are !!

Created by: dominic of this site
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  1. which of these is not a carb?
  2. what do you do before you buy a skirt?
  3. is your bedroom?
  4. what sport do you prefer?
  5. who is your worst enemy?
  6. are you?
  7. the last emotion you felt was?
  8. what do you dress up as at a halloween party?
  9. if you go out where do you go?
  10. what couldnt you live without?
  11. why do you go to school?
  12. where do your loyalties lie?
  13. finally , would you consider ...?

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Quiz topic: Which mean girl am I?