which vampire knight charachter are you

well i hope you have fun and by the way if you get who you were hoping for congrats if not ohwell no big deal try again later have fun and start as soon as you like vampire knight is one of my obbsesions so mock it and get turned into a vampire

find out whether you are Zero Kaname Yuki or Ruka but do you really think you are like who you think you are hopefully you will find out who you really are more like in this quiz

Created by: Isabella3

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what would you do if someone was breaking the rules?
  2. what would you do if your best friend was crying
  3. you see a person alone you
  4. no effect this time do you like vampire knight?
  5. which charachter do you like?
  6. no effect again what would you do if kanme walked into your house and kissed you
  7. no effect what would you do if zero walked into your house and kissed you
  8. do you like this quiz? (this has effect on the quiz answer for all possiblities but very minimal
  9. well we are nearly at the end of the quiz who do you want to get?
  10. do you think you are a vampireor a vampire turned human or a human turned vampire
  11. result time

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Quiz topic: Which vampire knight charachter am I