Which Type Of Girl Do You Want?

Some PPL have Trouble Finding That Kind Of Girl they Would Be Most Comapatable With, so i decided to make this quiz to help. blah blah this stinks....and this stupid thing knows when you type gibberish and it is uber annoying....just trying to pass time..this stinks lala..

Maximo was the one that got me onto doing this. he needed a GF, so i made this quiz so he would maybe find who he was cpmpatable with. i hate this, all i wnated to do was make a quiz, now i have to write a darn 2 paragraph summary for this stupid quiz i made for a freind

Created by: Amy
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Where Would You Take A girl On Your First date?
  2. What Is The First Feature You Look At In A Girl?
  3. Who Should Pay On The Date?
  4. Would You Go In For A Kiss On The First date?
  5. Whats Your fave Kind Of Music?
  6. What Kind Of Movie Would You Watch With her?
  7. Whats Your Favorite Color?
  8. What Is Your Favorite Hair Color?
  9. Do Looks Always matter?
  10. Does Material Matter?

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Quiz topic: Which Type Of Girl do I Want?