Cupid Just Struck Boys

There are lots of smart boys but few that know what type of girl they like. A smart boy would take this quiz to figure out what type of girl he should think about asking out.

Are you desperate to find out what kind of girl you need. Take this quiz and you will find out in minutes guarantee. Are you missing out on those girl who walk past you. Take this quiz.

Created by: Tracey of traceyf2796
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  1. If your girlfriend has a pimple on her head on prom night do you:
  2. What if your crush says she likes you but then she always tells you about guys she thinks are hot or shows you guys that like her?
  3. Are you into girls that wear clothes that are:
  4. Do you like girls that have:
  5. In 2 years do you think you will still like the same girl?
  6. On Valentines Day do you give her:
  7. Would you hug your girl in the hallway?
  8. If you like a girl do you:
  9. Is a chick flick boring?
  10. If your friend thats a girl dyed her hair would you:

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