Which type of cat will you adopt soon?

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Cats are friendly animals and can be adopted as a pet. If you are going to adopt a cat, which type of cat will you adopt? There are many different types of cats that can mean many different things to you. Which type of cat will you adopt?

e.g.You finds a cat beside the... a) rubbish bin b) street corner c) your garden d) animal shelter You are free to choose an answer that you think will go with your mind the most. If you want to pick an answer, click on the white dot beside the answer, and once you finished all answers, click on "Submit answers" and then the type of cat you will adopt will be calculated and presented on the page. Have fun!

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  1. One day, you are walking home from school when you saw a...cat beside someone's fence!
  2. You decides to take it home and call the cat "Butter", but you secretly hoped that you called it...
  3. When you opens the gate, you saw your...standing there yelling: "I said never bring any animals home without my permission!"
  4. You are really upset, that you yells back:...
  5. You slams the gate with a slash and then went off to...for some cat food.
  6. You bought two packs of "Whiskas" and two packs of "Purrfect!" that costed you..., and now you have got $14 left in your purse.
  7. When you went home, your big sister Nicole yells: "...! What are you up to with Butter?"
  8. "We are going to...!" you replies, as you and Butter got ready.
  9. After that, mum calls: "Dinner time, you two!" so you and Butter both went for...
  10. In bed, you secretly gave Butter today's rating...
  11. The next day, you decides to donate Butter to the...
  12. When you watched the truck carry away Butter, you secretly thought:...

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Quiz topic: Which type of cat will I adopt soon?