Which Kitten Would You Adopt?

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You enter a cattery room with nine different kittens! Each one is unique and unlike the others! This quiz will decide which one you would (most likely) end up adopting in a real life scenario.

The questions are careful to discover what YOUR personality is so the quiz can decipher which kitten would best live with you. I wish you luck! have a fun time taking my first quiz.

Created by: AlexTheCat
  1. Would you rather be at a party on the weekend or alone? :)
  2. If you had free time for a day what would you spend it doing? :)
  3. What do you look for when you make friends?
  4. Pick your favorite :)
  5. You value which the most. (If you can't decide choose 'or'.)
  6. You value which the most. (If you can't decide choose 'or'.)
  7. What do you think of people who brag.
  8. In a bleak situation you would -
  9. If you met a really cute single girl or guy you would be...
  10. Thanks for taking my quiz! please rate even if you hated it, so I can get feedback. :) have a great day

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