Strong as a Wolf pt.. 1

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Thanks for taking this! It's a love story, unlike my first quiz series, Your Life as a Wolf, so guys shouldn't take it! Thanks for taking it! Have fun, comment, rate, enter my contest! Thanks!

Your name is Jaylen, you have black hair and amber eyes. Your best friend id Kat, who has hazel eyes and brown hair. Have fun, rate and comment! Please Enter my contest!

Created by: ShadowWolf
  1. I shove my hands into my pockets as I step off the bus. Glancing back, I brush my black hair out of my face and instinctively wait for my best and only friend Kat to walk out of the bus. Shaking my head, I turn around and trudge to the school. Kat called in sick, I almost forgot. Great, another day as the loner with no friends. Kat had been sick a lot lately, and that hasn't helped my reputation. She says mid Fall is just her bad season, that she always get sick with colds and coughs and the flu this time of year. I shrug. Who said you needed friends to do schoolwork? Despite my thoughts, I still feel the need to have Kat by my side, teasing me about her favorite subject: Guys. She recently found out I have a crush on a guy named Tristan. He has black, shaggy hair and icy blue yes. Yes, he is cute. What would help is if he actually knew I existed. He doesn't have many friends either, although he has more than I do. He always walks the hall with his head down, as if deep in thought. He's on his phone a lot, texting furiously or answering a call. I don't know how many times he's gotten detention for the ceaseless activity on his cell. But he always tells the teacher it's extremely important, but he won't tell them what it's about. So he gets detention. He doesn't seem to mind, and has never stopped glancing at his phone for less than five times a minute. I'm not exaggerating.
  2. Deep in thought about Kat and Tristan, I almost run into another guy. He puts his hands out and stops me right before I almost walk into him. "Watch where you're going." He doesn't say in a mean way, more gentle but firm. "Sorry." I amend, and glance up at him. He has brown hair spiked up in the front in the latest style, with deep, chocolatey brown eyes. He's cute, if I do say so myself. Maybe I should give up on Tristan and start with someone else, like this guy. Just maybe. I don't discard guys like trash, it's just that Tristan won't notice me, but this guy already has. Accidentally, maybe, but so what? "Pft, it's okay," He answers, jerking me out of my thoughts, "It was my fault, too. I'm Gavin." I cock my head, liking the strange but cool name. "Jaylen." I say. I gaze at him with my strange eyes, one of my best features. I have amber eyes, which start orange but grow lighter, into a deep yellow. He seems nice, but staring is not going to get me a nice boyfriend. I wave and walk into the school. 'Great,' I think as a glance ay my watch, 'I'm about to be late.' Time to think about Gavin later. I run to my locker and grab what I need for my first class, math. Oh goody. I LOVE math. I hope you notice the extremely sarcastic note in my voice which says that I don't love math but hate it, because that is the case.
  3. After math comes science, than history than a whole bunch of other classes with lunch thrown in somewhere. Before I know it, the day is over and I'm walking back out to the bus. I notice a group of new kids I've never seen before. I flick dark hair out of my way and study them. I observe more than I talk, which means I'm pretty on top of things at school. I know almost everyone there, although not in a friend way. I'm surprised to see Gavin and Tristan among them. Two more guys are there, one with white-blond hair and -hottie alert- violet eyes. I've never seen someone with an eye color like that. The other has red hair and brown eyes. there's three girls there too, two with brown hair of different shades, one has brown eyes while the other has gray, the last girl has long blonde hair and misty blue eyes. I watch them and edge closer, trying to pick up the conversation while being inconspicuous. Tristan is gesturing furiously, shifting on his feet. He's never been one to stand still for long. His eyes are bright with suppressed anger as he trys to get his point across. Finally, The guy with violet eyes steps forward and takes Tristan's arm, pulling it down. "Dude, relax. We get what you're trying to say, but Mr. Graff won't take a move yet. She has no idea, anyway. Better to let her stay in happy, normal bliss for a little while longer, cause' she won't stay normal for long. She'll be finding out any day now." He says, crossing his arms and meeting Tristan's gaze. "Which is why we need to warn her! If it happens ans we aren't there to help her, she'll go crazy! And if the government finds out...Well, we won't go into that." Tristan argues. "Jaylen will be fine. She's smart enough to not tell anyone once it happens." Gavin replies. My eyes widen with shock. They're talking about me. Without further ado, I shove my way into their midst and face Gavin, Tristan and the guy with violet eyes.
  4. "Anyone care to explain?" I snap, eyes flashing. The guy with red hair comes up from behind me and faces me. "Jaylen, listen, I'm real sorry..." He starts, then lifts a little tube from his pocket, brings it to his lips, and blows. A dart shoots out and hits me in the neck. I put my hand to where it pierced, feeling darkness closing in. I pass out, feeling someone catch me before I hit the ground. What a way to end the day.
  5. *Gavin's point of view* I watch as the blond-haired girl, Mika, catches Jaylen when she collapses. When Jaylen awakes, she'll remember nothing. I shove down the animal inside me as it clambers to escape. I can't lose control here, I have to keep my cool. Soon I'll be back at the institute, where I can be myself, along with so many other freaks. I let out a small, frustrated shriek that sounds like a some bird of prey's. It's quiet enough that no one hears it except for Jole, who's right beside me. He flashes me a look, violet eyes heavy with warning. It's easy for him to do that, he's known about the secret since he was five, so he's had training all of his life, just about. He's completely in control. Not me, I only found out a year and a half ago, about the same time as Phoenix. Me and Phoenix hit off right away, and now we're best bros. It's great having a friend who understands, unlike so many of my old friends. They're still cool, but they're always asking questions about the new "boarding school" I'm attending and why they never see me at the house, or why my parents pretend I don't exist anymore. I can't answer those questions, anymore than I can face my mom and dad. So I avoid them, which means I rarely see any of my old buddies anymore. I glance up to see Phoenix pocketing the dart gun, running his gaze over Jaylen, and sauntering over to me, a cocky gleam in his demeanor. Most people think Phoenix is too cocky and full-of-himself, but I know better. Phoenix is just confused and unsure about himself, so he hides it all behind his know-it-all swagger and disposition. Once you get to know him, he's funny, smart and witty. I know him and Jole pretty well, but not Tristan. Tristan found out about the secret two years ago, and he's able to keep himself under control. Only his anger issues, which he can normally contain but are impossible to tame once they erupt, are a sign of his frustration. He's pretty quiet and secretive, but I found he's a lot of fun with his dry wit and odd outlook on the life once I got to know him better.
  6. *Jole's point of view* I shoot a warning look at Gavin when he does a bird call. He still's figuring out how to contain his inner animal. I run my hands through my hair and give Phoenix a thumbs up. He took Jaylen completely by surprise, she didn't even have time to react. Beside me, Tristan raises his eyebrows and crosses his arms. "We could've told her, that was our perfect chance!" He points out. "Not yet, Tristan. Let her savor her last but of normalness." I reply, my tone leaving no room for argument. I walk over to Hope, the girl with brown hair and eyes. "She'll be alright?" I ask. "Sure. She's tough. Besides, it's not like the tranquilizer is fatal or anything." She teases, but not in a flirty way. She's always upbeat and happy. Suddenly my ears prick as I hear a noise, someone's in the bushes. I turn and tentatively make my way to the bushes, then plunge my hand in, grab a handful of shirt, and drag whoever it is out. As soon as I see who it is, I release my grip. Kat brushes herself off imperiously, glaring at me. "Didn't Tristan tell you I was coming?" She questions. I throw a look at him, and he shrugs. "I texted her, telling her about what happened. I forgot to tell you that she said she'd be right over." He explains. I roll my eyes. "Is Jaylen okay?" Kat presses impatiently. She was thrilled when she found out Jaylen was one of us, but before she could spill the secret, Mr. Graff told her he needed her for some important work and that she needed to call in sick, which she did. Good thing, too, because Kat can't keep a secret like that for her life, especially from her best friend.
  7. *Phoenix's point of view* I walk over to Gavin and give him a nudge. "She's pretty, isn't she?" I ask. He shoves me away with a guffaw. "Dude, seriously? Why would I like her? I don't even know her." He says. I grin. "Maybe I do!" "You know her?" I roll my eyes. "No, but I may like her." I explain. Gavin looks flustered. "Well, I know her better then you do, we introduced each other to one another this morning when she ran into me." He retorts. "Whatever." I squelch a bit of jealously. No way am I going to fight with Gavin about some girl. I know plenty others, anyway. Speaking of girls, I notice Kat had joined us. She was leaning over Jaylen. tucking her dark brown hair out of her worried hazel eyes. "Hey Kat!" I make my over to her. Lots of guys have friends that are girls, and Kat is one of mine. Well, actually, she is my cousin. I've known her since I was little, but learning about the secret has brought us closer together, of course. Gavin follows me and gives Kat a nod of greeting. I glance at Jole. He's the same age as the rest of us guys, but he's the unofficial leader of all of us. He always has a plan and is in touch with Mr Graff, more so than the rest of us, so he always knows what to do because Mr. Graff directs him. i have always been a bit in awe of the guy. With his violet eyes, he's a girl attractor. He's also sincere, honest -even to the point of being blunt- and loyal. Without him, I probably wouldn't be here.
  8. *Tristan's point of view* I slide my phone out of my pocket as it rings. Hitting the answer button, I lift it to my ear. "Hey." I grunt into the phone. I don't do formalities. "Tristan?" A cold voice asks. "Sure. Who's askin'?" I reply. The voice is giving me chills. "That, young man, is no business but my own. Listen. Bring Jaylen here to me in three days. If you fail, I am in possession of Holly." I tense, eyes widening. Holly lives at the institute, too. She's my one-year-younger sister. Me and her have always been close,even before we found about the secret. "Everyone thinks she's on vacation, so no one will wonder where she is, of course. If you tell anyone, she'll suffer. Bring Jaylen to the old abandoned house outside of her neighborhood. It's not hard to miss. If you fail, well, don't think about that, for it's most unpleasant. I will see you there, I trust." A click signals the strange guy has hung up. I pocket my phone, ears ringing with what I just heard. I can't tell anyone. I briefly think about telling Jole, who always know what to do, but I discard that idea. Jole would probably storm the place and something awful would happen to Holly. I shudder. "Tristan, you alright?" A voice questions. I look up and see Lila, the girl with brown hair and gray eyes. I manage a smile and nod. She brushes her slightly-frizzy hair out of her eyes. "You sure? you seemed kinda despondent." She says. I nod. "I'm fine, alright?" "If you're sure." She sounds doubtful, but leaves me alone anyway. I let out a little groan that turns into a growl. I cover my mouth, but no one notices. I can't let myself lose control. I quickly make up my mind. Jaylen's going on a field trip three days from now, whether I feel good about it or not.
  9. AND.....CLIFFHANGER!!!! HAHA!!! I promise, you'll find out the big secret in part two! I hope you liked it. By the way, I am EclipseShadow, maker of the "Your Life as a Wolf" series, and I'm still doing them, but the seventh one won't finalize. If you have any ideas or suggestions on how to get it to finalize, please tell me! I've tried suspending it then un-suspending it, hitting the finalize button again and again, but it GoToQuiz still won't show that it's made! Thanks for the advice!
  10. So, please comment and rate! Plus, comment on a character you want to enter. It can be a boy or girl, although if it's a boy he won't be part of the guys who love Jaylen, he'll just be a friend. Also, enter your favorite animal. It can't be a wolf. Tell me your character's hair color, eye color, gender, three favorite things, favorite animal (can't be a wolf) and random facts. Thanks! I'll choose my favorite. make him or her part of the quiz series, and do a shout-out! Suggestions are welcome! Thanks!

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