How We All Came To Be Chapter 4

After James and Kendall get married, they decide to have kids. Well, adopt kids but, will the two kids that they adopt be too much to handle? Kames slash and Cargen Bromance. :)

A/N. I feel bad for making James so jealous but that is just how the story goes. :p By the way, it switched to James's POV. :3 So no one knows what is going on with Kendall and Lucy. ;) Disclaimer: I don't own BTR, you probably know why by now.

Created by: Ashl3y

  1. I sat in the car with my head against the steering wheel. I have only been alone for maybe one minute and I already can't handle it. I need my Kenny-boo. I don't know why I try and deny it. I miss him for only the smallest amount of time. I hit my head against the car horn a couple times. I heard a small shriek laugh that babies do whenever they hear, feel, or see something cool. I looked behind me and found that cute Latino. He was squealing with delight every time I hit the car horn. I hit it again and he shrieked again.
  2. I laughed. "Oh, that made me feel a little better." I smiled. "So how much do you like Godofredo?" The baby boy gave me a look of I think horror. He didn't even blink. "You don't like?" the boy picked up a nickel and tossed it at my head. "Ok. You don't like it at all." I thought for a little and bit my lip. "Alfredo?" The baby gave me the same blank face. "Chicken?" he just looked away from me. "Sorry." I sighed when I couldn't think of anything. I turned in my seat and started the car. "We'll talk about this later." I said and started for home.
  3. At a stoplight, I reached over but, remembered Kendall wasn't there. I sighed and stared at the empty car seat. I imagined Kendall there. He was sitting there being his cute self. He said something about how he doesn't think he was good enough for me and all that insecure stuff. I reached out to stroke his cheek, but he just vanished in the air. My smile was replaced with a frown. Suddenly, someone honked their horn, and I just realized that the light had turned green. I started to drive again. I went home, the baby crying a couple of times, he wet himself the first time. The second time, he wanted comfort. I couldn't help with the last one, so I just had to deal with his screaming fit. As soon as we got home, I took him out of his car seat.
  4. "Ok, ok baby.. don't cry.. Daddy's here..." I whispered that until he calmed down. His sobs died down. He kept his head in my chest and started to giggle. I laughed with him. "All you needed was a little love.." I whispered. He continued to giggle. I tickled the bottom of his chin. "Let's go inside." I said. I walk into the front door, like I always do. I told Kendall that it was to out, but he didn't listen. I step into the house after I unlock the door. "This is your new home. It's not the best. But I think it's fine, since I have a toilet, a stove and a tv, and a couch. So it's pretty good." I close the door and lock it as I step inside. "This is the first living room. It has a nice big T.V that's daddy's, so you will barely use that one." I turned around and pointed to the kitchen. "That's the kitchen if you wanna be in the culinary arts at an early age. But other than that, your not really gonna be in there. Unless you wanna watch me cook." I then turned and went upstairs. I entered my room. "That's Papa's and I's room. All I can say is you're aloud in there, except when the door is locked." I go to the room across from mine. "That's the guest room. You don't really need anything from it." I went down the hall. "The big boy bathroom is right there, but you're obviously not caring about that." I enter the room all the way at the end of the hallway. "This is your room." I smiled. "It's so big and roomy right? I thought you'd want that. Because, you seem like someone who'd like that. Ooh! And there's your bed. You're gonna sleep in that." I said. I looked down and found him smiling up at me. "Aww.. You're so cute." I smiled wider. "Wanna watch some TV?" The baby's smile got wider. "Sure." I said and went to the living room.
  5. *******Kendall's POV******* I had an awesome time with Lucy. She took me out for lunch, and then we just talked, laughed, and drove around town a little. And no, she wouldn't let me drive. James probably gossiped about my problem driving. But anyway, I had an awesome time. "Bye Lucy!" I waved as she drove away. I walked into the front door, like always. I tried to unlock it, but realized, James had the keys. I did James's and I's secret knock from when we were 16. Within seconds, James opened the door. His hair was all in sorts and he was just in an oversized t- shirt and sweat pants.
  6. "Oooh! My Kenny-boo!" he swept me up and kissed my face. "Ooh! I missed you so much! It's not even funny!" he shouted and kissed my face again. "Jamie. Jamie please." I giggled. "You missed me that much?" I said. James only nodded. "I missed you so much. All the baby did was sleep after I showed him around. So I slept, but my slumber felt empty, since you weren't beside me where you belong." James blushed. "Aww." I kissed his lips. "Take me to our room." I smiled. James smiled back, he was thinking what I was.
  7. That's it. :D
  8. So, yeah. That was it. Oh wait. I said set already. I feel redundant. -_-
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