How We All Came To Be Chapter 3

After James and Kendall get married, they decide to have kids. Well, adopt kids but, will the two kids that they adopt be too much to handle? Kames slash and Cargen Bromance. :)

Disclaimer: I don't own BTR, if I did, I would be buying Vans with Kendall, learining piano with James, napping with Logan, and cuddling with Carlos. ;3

Created by: Ashl3y
  1. I was about to jump into the drivers seat, when I felt a hand against my chest. I looked up and found James shaking his head in disapproval. "Pretty please?" I pleaded. "Nuh-uh. I don't want one thousand almost accidents." I looked down shyly. "Don't feel bad. Just put Godofredo into his car seat and you can sit next to me in the front-" I cut him off. "I know what chair is next to the drivers." I said. "C'mere, Godofredo.. You know what James?" I asked. "Yeah, Kendall?" James looked up at me. "I don't know if I'm feeling Godofredo anymore." I look at the ground. "Me either." James thought for a second. "Lemme try and think of a name." He said. "Ok!" I took the cute little- I'm pretty sure- Latino baby. I opened the passenger doors and bent over to put him in the car seat. "Ooh, baby!" James said as he squeezed my ass. "Jamie!" I squealed. "I'm sorry baby, I just can't control it." James gave me a sheepish smile. I turn around for just a moment, make sure the baby boy is buckled in right. Then I practically push James into the car. I kiss his lips with all the love I could.
  2. "I'm sorry baby, I couldn't control it." I said. "No reason to be sorry." James smiled and kissed me again. I moaned into his mouth as he rubbed my sides. his toungue led mine in a small pattern. I felt my knees go weak and I had to lean against the car. James's hands explored my body. He suddenly pulled away and looked into my eyes. "I love you." He muttered, a slight blush arising. I smile up at him. "I love you to." I giggled. He slapped my ass. "Get in the car." He said as his eyes widened. "Why?" I asked. James picked me up and put me in the front seat. "Stay low." He whispered. "Hi James." No wonder. It was James's boss. She has a huge crush on me, but won't admit it. Her name is Lucy. And apparently she has had that red streak in her hair ever since she was 16. Which I believe.
  3. "Hi Lucy. What brings you here?" James began to back into the car, his ass against the window. To tell the truth, James had a nice Butt. "I've been just going around, seeing the town. Where have you been? You should've been at work for the past week." Lucy said, giving James a stern look. "Eh, you know me. Imma lazy-ass.." James clapped suddenly. "Well, I need to get home." He said slightly pushing her. "Is Kendall there?" Lucy smiled. ."No." James said to quickly. "Can I talk to him?" She asked. "Urgh.. Fine." James said with slight disgust. She ran to my side of the car. "Hey Kendall!" She said. I waved friendly. "So I was wondering.. Do you wanna go out? As friends of course." She offered. "As long as its ok with James." I said as I looked up at James. His jaw shifted to the side. "Oh sure! Why don't you even live with her adhesive children and get married?" James snapped. James remark surprised me and made Lucy blush. "James..." I sighed an looked down. I can't believe how jealous James got. "I'd love to , Lucy." I said. She opened the door and practically dragged me out. "Let's go!" Lucy said, with excitement. "Wait!" she let go of me. I walked towards James and took his hands. I held them tightly and walked closer to him. "I love you, Jamie." I kissed his lips and let go. Another small blush appeared rosé in his cheeks. "I love you to." He said in barely a voice. James smiled at me and let me go. "Have fun." He muttered. "I'll try." I said and walked to Lucy. "Let's go! We are gonna have an awesome time!" Lucy took my arm and lead me to her car.
  4. I love writing this to much. ^~^
  5. Well, I hope you liked the story.
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