hang in there, teachers! whats the problem?

teachers and school have kids every day. there are no breaks. problems are constant. as love,teach once said "To say that I know teachers who are tired is like saying, “I know a baby who cries” or “I know a pizza that is delicious.”

there is alot of problems going around kids are hard. hard as it gets. some teachers have said......“Looked all over for my phone, panicking … while I was having a conversation on it.” —Karen B.“Gave up and ate cookie dough for dinner.” —Jackie V.“Wrote the date as 2015 on the board. The kids actually looked a little concerned.” —Brianna G.“Literally lost my marbles (the marbles are for an atomic structure lab).” —Alexandra F.“Tried to leave the house in slippers. Again.” —Katherine D.“Tried to make coffee without water, then tried to make coffee again … without coffee.” —Stephanie T.“A student dropped his keys, and I said, ‘Bless you.’” —Brittany L.“Put my khakis on inside out and couldn’t figure out why I had such a hard time buttoning them.” —Kate K."Tried to make coffee without water, then tried to make coffee again … without coffee.” —Stephanie T.“Couldn’t remember my name when meeting a student and his mom.” —Nikolette B.“Carried my SMARTboard remote home and tried to unlock my front door with it.” —Mackenzie P.Among others.

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  1. what are you wearing
  2. what is the cause of problems?
  3. what do you fantasize about
  4. what holiday is it
  5. choclate
  6. what subject are you grading now
  7. spa day! paint your nails
  8. wear a dress.
  9. pick a crayon.
  10. pick a flower
  11. pick one
  12. pick a classroom theme
  13. why you read?
  14. pick a doll
  15. pick a fairy themed slusie
  16. pick a time of day
  17. pick a word.
  18. what did you study in college
  19. how are you
  20. what month is it?

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