The "Could You Adopt An Emo Kid?" Quiz

At Adopt An Emo Kid we feel it is our responsibilty to ensure our poretial Emo adoptees are looked after, and put into the best possible hands. That is why we created this quiz to tell you whether we think you'd be a suitable adoptive parent to one of out Emo Kids.

Can you give them the love and attention they crave? Will you and your new found Emo Kid get along? or will you just want to kill each other quicker than you can say "i ahte myseklf and want to die"? I guess we're about to find out!

Created by: amazon

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  1. Do you know what an Emo kid is?
  2. Do you have rnadom urges to bet up Emo Kids when you see them in the street?
  3. Would you readily supply your adoptive Emo Kid ith a razor blade at their request?
  4. If someone called your adopted kid "Emo" would you feel offended?
  5. What does "emo" stand for?
  6. Is cutting yourself (self harm) soley an "emo" thing to do?
  7. Do guys look good in eyeliner?
  8. Are you emo?
  9. If you saw an Emo Kid in a darkened corner, would you befreind them?
  10. Do you have piercings and/or tattoos?

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