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  • so i got 81% Scarlet Flandre, and so this is like me

    ToasT_Kukki Aug 29 '18, 2:44PM
  • Marisa Kirisame. That's my favorite character!

    jojowolf43 Jul 20 '18, 4:47AM
  • Cirno 89%
    Reimu 88%

    PuruTwelve Jul 2 '15, 3:06AM
  • Sakuya 88%
    Flandre 66%
    yeah ...sooo ...

    Sakandre Apr 22 '15, 6:44AM
  • I liked how accurate the quiz was. I did it two times with my other favorite things like summer instead of winter and magic instead of guns and bows and I still got a similar list. Reimu, reisen, Sakuya, youmu, and marisa. the other time I got : reisen, youmu, reimu, marisa, Sakuya.

    CDOgren Aug 12 '14, 12:43AM
  • Reimu... Sounds pretty legit!
    (This is one of the most of the accurate and reliable quiz I have ever done, from all the other Touhou Personality Quiz. I congratulate and thank the author for this quiz to waste my time from boredom!)

    Archeriant Oct 21 '13, 9:16AM
  • Flandre Scarlet...and my favorite theme is U.N. Owen Was Her?

    Appayipyip42 Sep 18 '12, 10:15PM
  • Aya! That's so me!

    HugsAndKisses Sep 16 '12, 7:51AM

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