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  • YAY!!! I got Noah :3
    88% Noah
    75% Duncan
    63% Trent
    63% Gwen
    38% Ezekiel
    38% Courtney
    38% Heather
    29% Brigette
    13% Izzy
    13% Owen

    Total Drama Fan
  • OOF!!! I got Trent, BUT IT HAD A PIC OF CODY NEXT TO IT!!! Oh, and you should've added Cody anyway, and Imma retake to see if I get Noah or Ezekiel... :3

    Total Drama Fan
  • Why do i keep getting courtney for everything first of all im bo and i dotn like courtney but i always get courtney


  • I got Gwen. I guess I am somewhat of her, but I am not goth, or a girl.

  • I got Bridgette!!!! I rather be harold.

  • meh i already knew i was gwen

    sister of azazel

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