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  • jim and pam
    and yes we are totally in love- i love him so much and i don't know what i'd ever do w/o him

    manders Nov 24 '11, 9:57PM
  • Nice quiz!

    Alex13writer Jul 15 '11, 12:49PM
  • oh sorry i accidently clicked submit before i entered the comment. i loved your quiz, its really good.

    wuu2 babe Apr 13 '11, 9:31AM
  • Great quiz..

    Imperator Mar 3 '11, 2:24PM
  • Your Result: Jim & Pam

    You are Jim and Pam -- commonly referred to as "Jam". :) You two have a wonderful relationship. You work well together and are great friends as well as being totally in love. You two do romantic things together, get each other presents, and know each other extremely well. It might have even been love at first sight! :) Everyone acknowledges you as a good couple, because you are! Congrats!

    That makes me happy. Great quiz! =D

    musicgirl Feb 16 '11, 8:10PM

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