Taylor Swift is the best song-writer in our generation ,she writes song what is her feelings.Every girl want to know which song is for her .This quiz is realy amzing take this.

Take tgis quiz and have fun by knowing which song our you there are selected song from taylor swift 2006 song and new now only for seeing your feeling take this and have fun!

Created by: grace nelson

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Is music is important for you?
  2. what more imp in your life
  3. 8f you broked up what you do?
  4. what type of girl are you?
  5. Which is the biggest fear in your life?
  6. Which line is imp for you?
  7. You are sensitive ?
  8. Are you bad
  9. Do you get seriously in love?
  10. What Discribes you?
  11. If a friend leaves you and love your love so what you do that time

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