Which Symbol in the Binary Numeral System Are You?

The ancient Chinese believed that the depths of one's soul could only be known through one's answers to a series of random or, even better, market research-oriented questions on seemingly insignificant topics.

The binary numeral system also probably has its origins in China, even if some 17th-century German wrote down its laws and took all the godd@mned credit.

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  1. Willie Nelson or Julio Iglesias?
  2. Peaches or Herb?
  3. Difford or Tilbrook?
  4. Wendy or Lisa?
  5. Select the number 7
  6. Who's the boss?
  7. What is your birthday?
  8. Gilbert and Sullivan or Brecht and Weill?
  9. Best flag?
  10. Rosemary or thyme?

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Quiz topic: Which Symbol in the Binary Numeral System am I?