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  • Your Result: Witch/Wizard

    Witches and wizards, although technically the same, use very different means of magic. Witches are female only, and use a variety of herbs, dolls and ingreidients to cast spells. They don't duel, but curse each other in hidden means. Wizards on the other hand are male only, and use incantations in a variety of languages, with hand gestures to make their spells. They duel, unlike their female counterparts.

    Fi rst off, of course wizards fight because they are men! Witches curse each other behind each other's backs because they are women. I'm glad I got witch though, because of all the supernatural beings, they're my favorites. My next favorite would be vampires (but not they kind from Twilight! I hate vamps who sparkle!) All in all I loved your quiz! :)

    elf maiden
  • Your Result: Necromancer

    Necrom ancers can raise and control the dead. Their tears can actually bring someone back to life, but only if the person has died within an hour before resurrection. They can also speak to and sometimes control ghosts as well.

    O.O cool! I wish I could do that!

  • Werecat. I'm actually not much of a cat person, and I was hoping for vampire (third place), but oh well.

    Great quiz, very well made and thought out.

  • Necromancer. I got least like an Angel.

  • Necromancer, and in second place shapeshifter !

    So awesome ! Great quiz !

  • Cool! I got dragonlord! My second one was angel. I kind of wanted werewolf but dragonlord is cooler?

  • I got shaman. Cool


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