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  • Your Result: Dr. Daniel Jackson

    You are Daniel. Though no one bilieved you or in you, you have proven yourself right and worthy. You are facinated by new cultures, the study of ancient texts and have a very complex and dramatic lovelife you are intelligent, not very athletic, feel compassion for all life and are not a fan of the chain of command.

    Teyla Emmagan
    Richard Woolsey
    Dr. Samantha Carter
    Dr. Rodney McKay
    John Sheppard / Cameron Mitchel
    Jack O'Neill

    SWEET!!!!! He's my FAV character!!!!!! I <3 Daniel!

    Sarah Soda Slim
  • Wow surprisingly I got Daniel, and I'm happily surprised!! I was really close to getting Teal'c though... Which is what surprised me about getting Daniel LOL... Thanks for the test it was fun.


  • Ok... I got Sam, and, I'm sorry, but she is definitely not second to McKay. Every time they work together, he's wrong and she's right! Cool quiz, though. I like it.

  • I got Teal'c

  • OMG I GOT DANIEL! i absolutly looooooove him!(second)


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